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We help entrepreneurs and businesses leverage large media publications to increase visibility, build brand authority, and grow revenue. Access to the right PR and visibility strategies is crucial for accelerating brand awareness and revenue.

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It's not the best business that wins, it's the best SEEN business that creates growth...

You’ve used funnels, run paid ads, have a Facebook group, and tried all the latest marketing strategies. You’re posting consistently on social media but it feels like your message is getting lost in the noise. You feel like you’re just not reaching enough people.

With over 4.5 billion people using the internet every day, the opportunity to reach potential clients is exciting but the noise can be even louder. Your consumer is being inundated with ads, inbox sales offers, and constant retargeting. They just don’t know what to do, and they’re tired of not getting value.

The reality is that the Internet can be a red ocean where everyone is trying to go after the same client base using the same strategies. Your consumer is tired of being sold to every day in a cold way.

Consumers have spent thousands of dollars on courses, coaching, products, and services that didn’t deliver or weren’t the right fit. Some of their experiences have been good, some terrible. Your consumer has trauma from previous negative experiences, and it affects their decision-making when they look at what you offer.

You know that if you could find a way to show more people the true value you bring to the table, you’ll be able to break through the noise and reach your next level of business growth. You’ll be able to find and book ideal clients. You’ll be able to charge for the content that you work so hard to create.

That is what large publications and results-focused visibility strategies can do for the growth of your brand, and help you build every part of your business. It’s not about being the best, growth happens when you are the best along with being seen.

You’re already creating and publishing content all the time on social media, but you don’t get to put “Featured by Facebook Newsfeed” on your website to build brand authority. You need social proof that potential clients understand.

Large publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, O Magazine, and more are credibility that’s understood by all, gives you access to millions of new consumers each month, and they pay for the content. It’s time to give your business the spotlight it deserves.


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Results Global Impact Consulting is a strategic advisory and education company that’s focused on redefining PR, content, and visibility strategies by using a more modern and results-driven approach.

Through our work, we help entrepreneurs and businesses apply cutting-edge growth strategies that connect them to consumers and result in increased loyalty and sales.

At RGIC, we don’t look at PR and marketing as merely a sales component. To us, marketing and visibility are about all your systems and processes pointing in the right direction, and giving your company a competitive edge through the leveraging of large publications.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in helping businesses improve their marketing and visibility processes through large publications and a more effective approach to PR.

Results Global Impact Consulting is focused on redefining the business marketing space and helping companies use large publications to build every part of their online presence. Our goal is to help your business use PR and content strategies to build your brand authority, create greater visibility, and increase sales.

We believe implementation is the purest form of education.

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