We help companies implement content marketing strategies and tactics that create more engagement, build your online presence, and increase sales.

Access to the right digital marketing strategies and content types is crucial for accelerating brand awareness and revenue.

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Results Global Impact Consulting is an agency focused on redefining digital marketing for corporations by teaching implementation-focused content and email marketing strategies.

Through our work, we help companies apply cutting-edge digital tactics that connect them to consumers, and result in increased loyalty and sales.

At RGIC, we don’t look at marketing as merely a sales component. To us, marketing is about all your systems and processes pointing in the right direction, and giving your company a competitive edge.

Our agency has over 30 years of experience in helping organizations improve their marketing processes through content marketing.


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What we do

Results Global Impact Consulting is focused on redefining the corporate marketing space and helping companies use content marketing to build every part of their online presence. Our goal is to help your organization use content marketing strategy and tactics to build your brand authority online and increase sales.

We believe implementation is the purest form of education.

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Who we work with