At RGIC, we believe in bringing visibility, brand recognition, and increased revenue to your business by merging traditional growth strategies with new-age PR and content marketing principles, tools, and strategy by leveraging large publications.

Our founder, Cindy Rodriguez, has a unique understanding of PR, visibility, and content marketing.

Cindy understands the traditional business environment as the former CFO of a city in Florida. She got her experience in PR at a level in which the stakes were high.

Cindy’s skillset includes understanding traditional business, online business, and the need for PR and visibility strategies — and that’s how RGIC was born.

PR and Visibility That Gets ResultsĀ 

Cindy Rodriguez is a global consultant, TEDx speaker, and business growth strategy expert. She is passionate about delivering extraordinary results. She has been on several podcasts and radio interviews. With over a decade of experience, she has the skills, knowledge, and expertise.

She is the former CFO of the city of Ocala, Florida. She has hired and booked thousands of consultants and has seen every size of consulting proposal. She understands what it’s like to be on your side of the desk.

Where most advisories deliver either old-school, traditional PR tactics or strategies they took from the online space, we’re able to dive into our extensive experience of both worlds and give your business the custom solution it really needs.

We help companies understand how to leverage large media publications instead of falling behind or being stuck in a world of only using organic social media posting. We can get you up to speed without affecting the pace of your current initiatives.

With our powerful content, visibility, and PR strategies, and an implementation-focused approach, we’re a well-oiled business growth machine that can’t be outperformed.

Our work isn’t just PR focused — our decades of experience enables us to adopt a holistic overview of your company, to make sure every action you take and every word you use is fully aligned with your vision and leads to growth.

From content marketing to lead generation to Blue Ocean audience growth strategies, our mission is to help you stay at the top of your industry by making sure your customers always come back and recognize your social proof.

We’re passionate about diversity, so when you work with us, you get tactics and strategies that ensure you’re not alienating potential customers because you may not understand what makes them click — and what makes them look the other way (to one of your competitors).

We don’t look at marketing as merely a sales component. To us, marketing is personal. It’s about all your systems and processes pointing in the right direction, but above all — it’s about company culture.

Most traditional businesses haven’t embraced the benefits large publications can bring, which leads to a lack of agility, brand loyalty, and even sales.

Hiring us means understanding exactly what consumers want -- and getting a strategy personally tailored to your business' needs and vision that will help you connect with them.

When you’re able to share your vision in a way that makes the consumer feel like they’re part of something bigger, they rarely pay attention to pricing.

Let’s increase your brand loyalty and bottom line — reach out to discuss how we can help you get published and paid through large media publications.