Implementation-focused content marketing consulting that increases your followers, brand loyalty, and sales.

Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates – and that usually has to do with incomplete or inefficient content marketing strategies.

As more and more companies are taking advantage of the digital world to drive leads and sales, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of the consumer.

Companies that don’t use content marketing effectively will always feel it in their bottom line. Those who know how to implement the right digital tactics tend to expand their customer base and forge stronger relationships with existing customers.

Our strategy and tactics consulting training focuses on the most crucial aspects of content and email marketing. We’ll train your team on how to leverage the power of online platforms and new media to get tangible results.

RGIC's Consulting Packages

We can help your organization whether you’re looking to increase brand loyalty, expand your customer base, improve existing customer communication, build a strategy for your content, or grow your social media follower count.

We’ve spent over 30 years perfecting our methodology and proving its value in dozens of companies we’ve worked with in a variety of industries.

We offer comprehensive training for companies that need consulting training and practical strategy. RGIC’s consulting covers the main aspects of content and email marketing for your organization to ensure that you:

Build Brand Awareness

Staying at the top of your industry starts with achieving top-of-mind awareness. Today, consumers spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes online, which provides a plethora of opportunities to enable them to connect with the brand. Our goal is to help you create a globally recognized brand.

Expand Brand Loyalty

A strong content marketing strategy improves the customer journey by making all touchpoints focused and effective. It enables companies to speak directly to their target market with a personalized message, which builds trust and loyalty. It creates the kind of connection that turns your customers into marketers for you.

Increase Sales

The goal of every content marketing plan is to expand your customer base by accessing an audience impossible to target otherwise. This opens new markets and sales opportunities right at your fingertips. The right content marketing strategies, implemented, will lead to increased sales.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Content marketing has made it possible to filter leads in a more efficient way, ensuring only the right consumers get to the end of your sales funnel. Get leads that are part of the 1% to 3% of consumers that are actually ready to buy.

Improve Customer Communication and Relationships

Online marketing provides clear and consistent communication channels for existing customers, which allows organizations to better understand them. You can communicate quicker and more efficiently with today’s tools and technology.

We offer consulting on:

Content Marketing

Strong and effective content is a powerful growth driver for your organization. It helps you connect to consumers on a deeper level, forging a sense of loyalty and driving more sales. We can help you develop a plan that leads consistent content on all of your marketing channels. We can teach you how to use that content to grow your online presence and lead to more sales conversions through your content.

Email Marketing

60% of consumers say email is their preferred way to receive promotions and regular updates from companies. Email marketing is the cornerstone of top-of-mind awareness and a highly effective tool for lead generation. Social media is a great option but your organic reach is limited. Your email list is your asset. We can teach you how to build your email list and the best ways to nurture it.

Online Engagement

Social media engagement is crucial for building a community around your brand and driving traffic to your website. Nearly 7 in 10 internet users are active on social media, and 4 in 10 internet users actively use social media apps. It’s more than your follower count. We can teach you how to build a community around your online platforms that engages with everything you post. We can teach you how to ramp up engagement and use it to build brand loyalty.

Lead Generation

The buying process is continuously shifting and bringing high-quality leads which often means optimizing your lead generation strategy with customized techniques for your organization. The good news is that there are many great ways to generate leads online – and they’re effecftive. We can consult you on the best approach, right tools, and how to build a lead generation strategy.

Diversity-Based Marketing Campaigns

We help corporations build inclusive marketing campaigns to enable them to communicate with an ever-changing diverse population. We help them understand the power of speaking with and to diversity in your digital marketing campaigns and content.

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