DFY Large Publication Pitches


Large publications can help you build a large email list, get new clients, sell lots of books and products, and lead to more paid opportunities. They can help you consistently generate new leads. They can help every part of your business.

You have an opportunity to reach millions of people and it’s attainable for any entrepreneur. We’re not talking about being “featured” or interviewed. We’re talking about getting contributor accounts and consistently publishing content that gets you in front of millions. The numbers are staggering:

  • Inc. gets 69.19 million monthly visitors.
  • Forbes gets 121.1 million monthly visitors.
  • Entrepreneur gets 63.13 million monthly visitors.
  • Fast Company gets 40.3 million monthly visitors.
  • Business Insider gets 100.8 million monthly visitors.

We Can Do the Heavy Lifting



If you’re reading this, you probably are already convinced of the value of large publications for your business. You may have even attempted to pitch a few large publications.

It’s not easy to get in. Editors are looking for very specific things in a pitch and if they’re missing, your pitch is not likely to get accepted.

With our done-for-you pitch creation service, we can create large publication pitches for you. We use a signature formula that has helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs get published in over 100 large publications.

You can send off pitches using a proven formula that gets results. You can see examples of our successful pitches in the screenshots all over this page.

How It Works

  • A one-time fee of $500 per pitch.
  • These pitches can be for the large publications of your choice.
  • We create the full pitch and send it back to you within 14 business days.
  • This pitch uses our signature formula that’s helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs get published in 100 large publications and book over two million dollars in new business.
  • We tell you whom to pitch and give you their contact info.
  • You send off the pitch with confidence knowing it’s exactly what decision-makers are looking for.
  • You have a better understanding of how to pitch large publications.
  • You save yourself time and stress by having the hard part done for you.



Email us at team@rgicai.com to buy a pitch. 

NOTE: We do not make any guarantees that your pitch will be accepted.