Welcome to Those That Heard Our Talk at Podcast Movement!

On this page, you’ll be able to download a PDF of our slides, get all of the links we shared in the talk, and grab a free guide that teaches you how to get published in large publications, and publications that pay for content.

Download Our Slides Here

Here are the links:

An example of a podcast on a large publication. See it here

An example of a solid foundation. See it here

A few publications you can get published on without having been published anywhere else. Good Men Project and Thrive Global

An example of a page that has editors. See it here and here

The website that gives you contact information. Hunter.io 

Our Large and Paid Publications Guide


It’s Time to Get Published & Paid

Becoming a contributor to large publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. Magazine (and many more) can build your business.

You can grow your email list, sell books and products, get new clients, have your podcast published with more visibility, and be paid for your content.

We have a free guide that walks you through the exact steps to get published and paid through large publications.