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What Large Publication Editors Are Looking For in a Pitch

You see the value in becoming a contributor to publications such as Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, SUCCESS Magazine, etc.

You understand large publications can give you instant brand credibility, your content is published to millions, and you can get paid for content.

Contributing content to large publications can build your email list, help you sell lots of books and products, and lead to paid speaking and consulting gigs.

Despite what’s happening in the world, there are a TON of publications that are actively looking for content from consultants, coaches, speakers, agency owners, and online entrepreneurs to create content and train.

You may have pitched large publications and gotten a NO. Or worse, you only heard critiques after pitching. Maybe you’re about to pitch.

Cindy and I reviewed a large publication pitch live. We evaluated the pitch the same way a large publication editor would. We showed how any pitch could be stronger and what makes a large publication editor say YES.


You deserve to get your message out to the world in a bigger way and you can do that through large publications. As you do, your audience and revenue will also grow.

Use these tips!